We offer our in-person concealed carry course for the discounted rate of $65 (pre-paid only) to the following students: 

  • Active duty military and their immediate family members. *

  • Active law enforcement/first responders and their Immediate family members. *

  • Active full-time civilian employees of law enforcement/first responders.

  • Retired military and their spouse.

  • Retired law enforcement/first responders and their spouse.

  • Employees of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

If you qualify, email training@columbusccw.com or leave a VM/text at (614) 636-CCW1 and we'll contact you. We will give you further instructions when you reach out.

Note that active duty police and military do not require concealed carry training to apply for a concealed carry license (also retired military 10 yrs or less as of 3/23/15). It is, however, a good idea to receive training as we cover the law in detail during class. 

* Immediate family member is defined as spouse, children, parents and siblings. Rate only applies to pre-payment. Documentation required to show qualification, such as a valid military, LE or employment ID.