Concealed Carry (CCW)/Basic Pistol - $75 prepaid only

Typically held in one day in Sunbury. Allows you to apply for an Ohio concealed carry license. Hold your spot by emailing the instructor teaching the class. Details and pre-payment link sent to you via email. $75, pre-pay only. Must complete payment within 48 hrs of registration to guarantee your spot. This is a basic pistol class that covers safety, pistol/ammo knowledge, shooting fundamentals, the law, etc.

Level II Pistol, "CCW, Your Next Steps"  

**No classes scheduled at this time**

COST - $150

This class is the next step beyond the concealed carry/basic pistol course.  We cannot stress enough that you must train to be proficient with your firearm and training should not stop with your concealed carry course.  This is the first in advanced series of training classes where students learn how to effectively use your firearm from concealment.  The class is taught on the range and involves quite a bit of shooting.  This will include;

  • Types of Concealed Carry - Where and how you carry

  • Proper draw from Concealment - How to draw your firearm when it's covered by a shirt or jacket

  • Extra Magazines - Do you carry them and how to place them for access

  • Reloading - How to access your extra magazines from concealment and reloading your firearm when it's empty

  • Draw and Shoot from Concealment - We put it all together and have you draw and effectively shoot

  • Shooting Under Stress - Lets face it, everybody has a plan until something bad happens. You will learn to draw, shoot, and reload when it counts!

  • This course would cost you $300+ elsewhere!

*You must have completed a concealed carry course prior to attending*

Seats are limited and you must pre-pay to reserve your spot!!!

For more information, please EMAIL us!

Basic Rifle Skills

**No classes scheduled at this time**

COST - $80

A 4-hour beginner's course designed to familiarize a student with the modern defensive fighting rifle. The focus in this course is safety, rifle knowledge, and marksmanship fundamentals.

  • Introductions and background on modern rifle

  • Gear/Rifle Inspection & Parts of the Rifle

  • Safety

  • Grouping/Zeroing

  • Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Rifle manipulation: malfunctions/stoppages

*You must own a modern sporting rifle (AR/AK), 100-150 rounds of ammo and a few other odds and ends. Email us for details.*

Seats are limited and you must pre-pay to reserve your spot!!!

For more information, please EMAIL us!