People have the right to protect themselves.

We're a group of experienced instructors who believe people have the right to self-protection. Legal concealed carry can be a means for this, and getting the proper training is critical before you begin to carry. Email or call (614) 636-CCW1 to learn more. 

Who are the instructors? Keith, Chris M., Ryan, and Brandon. All are NRA Certified and have over a century of combined experience in firearms instruction and/or law enforcement/military.  Keith is a former Columbus police officer.  Chris works for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, is an Army veteran, and a competitive shooter for TUFF Products.  Ryan is a former Blackwater agent and current police officer.  and Brandon is a former firearms executive who has taught Ohio concealed carry for more than 15 years and has issued thousands of concealed carry licenses. At your service.  

How do I sign up for a class? On our schedule page, pick the class you want and click ask us to hold you a spot for the class you want. You can also register by phone at (614) 636-CCW1.  

What are the training requirements in Ohio to get a concealed carry license? An 8-hr pistol class taught by a certified instructor. It can be in-person or part can be online (two hours of range time must be in person). More details here

Where are you located? We teach most classes in Sunbury. We use private land in Sunbury for range time.  

How can I reach an instructor? Email or call or text (614) 636-CCW1. 

What if the legal requirements change for concealed carry? We follow current law. If legislation is enacted, we adjust to the changes, including times for hours of training, range time requirements, testing, etc. If you sign up for a class and the law changes by the date you attend, training will be automatically adjusted for the new, current law. 

Does taking the Basic Pistol class get me my Concealed Carry License? The Concealed Carry Class fulfills the Ohio requirement for training necessary to apply for your Concealed Handgun License. At the end of the class you'll be given a certificate that you take to your local sheriff's office or mail to Florida. Your sheriff or Florida issues the license, we provide the training necessary to apply.  

What if I don't want a concealed carry permit -- I just want training?  No problem. Email us for details. 

Do I need PayPal or Square to register? You do not need a PayPal or Square account, but you do need to pre-pay online. If you click "Pre-Pay" then click "Don't have an account" the system will let you make payment with a credit or debit card. Or if Square is being used, just follow the instructions. You can also send payment to us at$ColumbusCCW - just put in your note what you're paying for. 

I heard you give discounts for military and first responders? Visit our discounts page for details.  

What does CCW stand for? Concealed Carry Weapon, but is really the short-hand most people use to refer to carrying a pistol. Technically we have a CHL in Ohio (Concealed Handgun License). 

Will you cancel a class? Only in cases like a weather emergency or a facility issue, though typically we are able to work around such problems or hold the range time on a separate day. 

Why are your classes so cheap? We don't put the classes on to make money-- we've got day-jobs for that-- we do it so people can get their licenses to carry and can receive proper firearms training. The world's a safer place when the good guys can stop the bad guys-- more than not firearms experience allows for this. You'll receive the same or better instruction, materials and attention as you would at the more expensive classes. We've trained thousands of students and most come to us as referrals. 

Where do we shoot? We shoot on private land in Sunbury. Indoor ranges tend to be loud and cramped, not a good combination for new shooters, so we try to shoot outside. In the winter we have propane heaters. 

What should I bring to Basic Pistol (CCW, CHL) class? A notebook, a pen, your handgun (if you have one) and 30 rounds of factory loaded ammo. If you can't find ammo, you can buy it from us at the range. 

I don't have a gun - what ammo should I bring to use your guns? You can buy it from us (for as little as $10). We'll discuss at the class.  DO NOT BRING AMMO OR GUNS INTO THE CLASSROOM, LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR. Transport your gun according to Ohio law-- locked up with ammo separate from the gun. The best way to do this is put the gun in the trunk, in a locked box, and the ammo in your glove box. 

I've heard some instructors pack 50 people in a room-- do you do that? We limit class sizes so you will receive adequate attention from your instructor.

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I already have a carry license and need to renew. How do I do that? For renewals there's no need to re-certify, just take your current license to the Sheriff's office. If you let your license lapse or want additional training, sign up for a class or private instruction

I don't live in Ohio, but I want to carry in Ohio. How do I do that? After 3/23 anyone who works in Ohio can apply for an Ohio concealed carry license after taking Ohio concealed carry training. Sign up for a class. If you're just passing through Ohio, make sure your license is valid in Ohio here

Are your instructors qualified? All of our instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association and/or OPOTA. 

Where is the class held? How is the Basic Pistol class structured? We hold all classes in one day for public classes. We start out in Sunbury then carpool to the range for most classes. Sometimes we start at the range. Details will be sent to you when you sign up. 

Do you offer two-day classes for concealed carry?  We've found most people want to get it all done in one day, and the day goes quickly, so unless it's a private class we hold in one day. 

I'd like to bring my wife/husband/child to Basic Pistol, can I? Sorry, registered students only. 

Do we get a break or do we sit there for the whole time? We break every hour or so and you'll get a chance to grab some lunch.  

Will the in-person classes really take all day? Yes. We follow the law. 

I can't find ammo! What do I do? You can buy ammo from us for class use. We sell for about what we pay for it, in increments of $10. 

I have a physical disability, will that be a problem? Please notify your instructor if you have special needs prior to signing up for class. 

Can I use my .22 LR or is here a caliber limit for Basic Pistol? Any real handgun can be used, though we suggest you try at least a 38 special or 9mm. The instructor will bring firearms for you to try. 

What other classes do you offer? Check out our schedule for our other classes. 

How do I join the NRA? You can sign up for a discounted membership here. 

Where do I go to shoot after class to practice? There are a lot of great gun ranges in the area, but our favorite public ranges are Spring Valley in southern Ohio and Delaware Wildlife Area near central Ohio. Let us know if you want directions.

Where can I find more information on the things we discuss in the class? Visit our student resources or videos pages.